Travel and Accommodation

Travel and accommodation
You can use the conference registration form to take care of your hotel reservation or return to it later. We have made a block reservation at hotels within a short walking distance from the Harpa conference hall. Participants can also arrange their own travel and accommodation but we will gladly assist you with booking accommodation in either a hotel or apartment.

Flights to Iceland
Several airlines operate between Iceland and Europe, see e.g. Dohop.

Hotels in Reykjavik can be booked through and there are plenty of apartments available through airbnb.

How to get from the international airport to Reykjavík?
Buses operate between the international airport and Reykjavík. The bus will take you through the lava fields of Reykjanes peninsula to downtown Reykjavík and the ride will take approx. 45 minutes. The one-way ticket costs around 24 EUR (3000 ISK) but if you buy a return ticket you will get a discount.

There are two main bus companies: Flybus and GrayLine Flybus takes you to BSÍ bus terminal and GrayLine takes you either to Holtagarðar bus terminal or their downtown Reykjavík bus stop. Both bus companies offer a further drive to hotels and guesthouses (costs a little bit more than the basic ticket).

What to do in Reykjavik
For general information on what to do in Reykjavik, see this official site or I Heart Reykjavik, which also has a section devoted to June in Iceland. You are always welcome to ask the organisers and their assistants for advice.