Where to: North East Iceland
Duration: approx. 12 hour

Price per person: TBA

North Sailing – Whale Watching

Morning flight from Reykjavik to the town of Húsavík in the North of Iceland.

Nestled on the edge of Shaky Bay, the town of Húsavík is globally recognized as one of the best locations in the world from which to watch whales. In fact there is a higher chance of seeing whales in Húsavík than in any other place in Iceland. So, if you are considering where to go whale watching, this town is without a doubt, second to none.

We set off in search of whales from Húsavík Harbor on schooner Opal which was built in the 1950´s but has recently been restored and converted to an expedition ship which is electrically driven.

North Sailing, along with a team of Icelandic and Nordic collaborators, has developed a new, specially designed Regenerative Plug-in Hybrid-Electric Propulsion system. The sailing ship Opal is engineered to harness wind energy, created under sail, to charge the ships batteries.

Jeep tour around the Tjörnes peninsula towards the Þeistareykir high temperature geothermal area. The area is particularly known for its dense population of Rock Ptarmigan and the rich fossil record of Miocene from the Pliocene age.

A 200 MW Geothermal Power Station is currently under construction and will start production in the autumn of 2017. The Power Plant will supply energy for PCC Bakki

Silicon hf, a silicon metal plant scheduled to open in 2018 with a capacity of 32,000 metric tons per year. The facility will be powered exclusively with electricity generated from renewable sources.
Other places of interest: Kröflustöð Thermal Power Plant, Ásbyrgi, Mývatn, Námaskarð and Goðafoss.