Founder of THEnergy

Dr. Thomas Hillig

In 2013, Hillig founded THEnergy, a specialised consultancy that focuses on renewable energy microgrids and remote hybrid power plants for applications such as mining, tourism, telecommunication, agriculture, or rural electrification. He holds a Ph.D. in Marketing from Technische Universität Berlin and has written several publications on energy related subjects.

Due diligences, market intelligence, and market entry support are the main advisory services. THEnergy combines Hillig’s previous experiences working at Alstom Power in conventional energy generation and at Innotech Solar. At the beginning of his career, Hillig consulted leading companies from the transport, telecommunication, and construction sectors

The Company


THEnergy is a consultancy firm highly-specialized on microgrids/mini-grids and offgrid renewable energy.

We focus on commercial and finance solutions and also cover technical aspects in larger projects. We started in large-scale solar-diesel hybrid projects for the mining industry. Over time, we also have added smaller applications such as off-grid renewables for hotels/resorts and rural electrification.



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