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Thom Kennon

With over 30 years of direct, digital, advertising and interactive marketing experience, Kennon has spent the past ten years developing and refining a philosophy, methodology & toolbox focusing on a unique behavioral human experience model. Insight + Experience = Value is the disruptive formula at the heart of his radical strategy mode – a procedure required for all 21st century brands in this emerging, post-advertising era. Thom has founded, launched and led three marketing services agencies over his career and is a frequent contributor to integrated marketing trade press and industry panels.

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The Company

Free Radicals

We are a unique diversity of strategy confederates. We differ in nature, make-up and philosophies from the traditional business and marketing consultancies.

Our engagements are intensely compressed and focused by a passionate obsession to create value-rich outcomes for the organisations we serve.

The formula we apply is as simple as it is provocative:  in response to a business brief, we use alternative methods for research, discovery and stakeholder workshops to mine and articulate fresh insights.

Deeply differentiated insights to inform the design and development of value creation experiments for accelerating growth.



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