Chief Executive Officer of Green Energy Options Ltd

Patrick Caiger-Smith

When the sustainability agenda was still a novelty, Patrick saw the need to generate consumer interest and understanding of household energy consumption. He co-founded his current Cambridge based business in 2006 which helps consumers manage energy at home with smart home products and services. This is particularly the case in using data science to generate insight for consumers and channel partners alike. This interest has now evolved towards how ‘Hybrid Homes’ integrate with smart, flexible grids and providing systems in the home which provide demand response in the residential sector with integrated control of tariffs, energy storage and local generation.

Active with Industry Groups, Patrick is currently President and a director of the trade association BEAMA, chairs the Consumer Committee for ESMIG, chairs the Consumer Energy Data group at BEAMA and is a member of the Enterprise and Innovation Councils of the CBI. Patrick is a Chartered Engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College and an MBA from Cranfield University. Prior to starting geo, Patrick’s career has been in manufacturing industry where he has run several international businesses as Managing Director.

The Company

Green Energy Options Ltd

Eleven years ago, we had a bright idea to help people save energy. The concept was simple – show people what they’re using and you can help them to use less. The next step was to test it out on consumers. So we embarked on a research programme that we called the Visible Energy Trial. It taught us lots about what users respond to best, which helped us to produce the best design for our first energy monitor – we must’ve done something right as it continues to be one of our most popular designs. We’ll give ourselves a pat on the back for that.

At geo, our vision is to help you save money on your home energy bills. That’s why our smarter energy devices make it simple for you to control how much energy you use. One little device at a time, we’re showing customers that they can have a big impact on their energy bills. But we’re not stopping there. Our concept of the Hybrid Home will allow even more savings for consumers. By bringing lots of clever technologies together, the home will be given a huge boost in energy efficiency – this will get bills to an all-time low without compromising on home comfort.



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