CEO and Founder of Larsen Energy Branding

Fridrik Larsen

A pioneer of energy branding. Fridrik was the first person in the world to present a PhD. dissertation with a focus on energy branding. Fridrik is the CEO of LarsEn Energy Branding, a consultancy working exclusively on branding for companies within the energy space ( He has become a leading authority on branding within the global energy sector. Fridrik is passionate about consumer-centric energy markets. He has served on the board of the New York Energy Week and is on the advisory committee for the European Utility Week where he has lead the track on connecting with customers.

Fridrik is a sought out speaker and a consultant on the matters of branding and marketing for the energy space. He works with traditional integrated utilities as well as retailers, DSOs, TSOs and generation companies. He is the founder and chairman of CHARGE.

With one foot grounded in the professional environment, Fridrik keeps his other foot in academia at the Business Department at the University of Iceland. He is the author of the first book on energy branding which was published by Palgrave-Macmillan.

Friðrik is not afraid to bring a new approach to the energy sector by introducing energy branding.

The Company

Larsen Energy Branding

Larsen Energy Branding was founded on our wish to use our expertise on the branding and marketing functions in the electricity industry to consult electricity retailers – you!

We have worked with both private companies, national power companies and governments offering a variety of customised energy branding services. We can be commissioned to work directly with the board of directors, upper management, or with an independent branding institution or an ad agency responsible for the existing energy branding process.

We have worked with players in other industries giving us a relevant perspective on how the electricity markets are both similar and different to other markets and which tools work and do not work in the electricity market. Our team holds various references from energy branding, marketing and strategy projects. The composition of the team is highly flexible and can be molded to fit the specific issues that are relevant to your needs.



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