International Strategy Director of Sixieme Son

Ella Duda

Originally from Ohio, USA, Ella moved to Paris to join the Sixième Son team in 2014. Since then she has worked on sonic branding initiatives in Europe, Middle East and North America on clients ranging from baby products to airlines. Today, her role is to spread the word about best practices in sonic branding and guide sonic strategy for forward-looking brands around the world.

A singer and instrumentalist, she graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in International Business and French and a focus on brand management. In her free time, you can find her continuing various music studies (voice, guitar, piano, French Horn, music theory) and practicing Nad yoga (the yoga of sound).

The Company

Sixième Son

Sixieme Son is a global market leader dedicated exclusively to audio branding since 1995. Since Sixieme Son established offices in: Paris, Moscow, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Sidney and Barcelona; the company Sixieme Son provided audio solutions for many brands including: Renault, Axa, Vueling, Royal Air Maroc, and even the City of Atlanta. As a result, Sixieme Son continues to develop as market leader in audio branding with its sound know-how and vast experience.

When two alike market experts meet, either cooperation or competition is imminent. However, with best practice development in mind and with the audio branding market steadily developing both market leaders realised to be like-minded. As a result, rather than remaining divided, Soundbranding is proud to announce that we are now a cooperation partner and representative of Sixieme Son in Scandinavia. Consequently, Soudbranding services gain a global reach, while Sixieme Son gained a foothold in Scandinavia. In addition, both companies engaged in knowledge share related to client case experience and work methodology.



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