Chairman of Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority, Government of Sharjah, UAE

H. E. Dr. Rashid Alleem

H.E. Dr. Rashid Alleem is ranked third among the 25 most influential CEOs in GCC and is considered one of the 100 most influential CEOs in the Middle East. He is a passionate writer; an environmentalist; a sought-after thought leader; the creator of CRITRAL Thinking, a unique blend of “critical and lateral” thinking; and an internationally respected transformational leader.

H.E. Dr. Rashid Alleem is the founder and the CEO of Alleem Knowledge Center which organizes 5 conferences and forums in the fields of leadership, sustainability, marketing, corporate ID, project management, energy and water. H.E. Dr. Alleem is a dynamic leader who has worked with prestigious governmental, semi-governmental, and nonprofit organizations and assumed senior leading position at these organizations including the Director General of Sharjah Seaports, Customs & Free Zones Authority, DG of Sharjah Charity Society and currently the Chairman of Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority. He is an entrepreneur par excellence with a flair for effective, strategic decision-making by means of innovative thinking.

H.E. Dr. Alleem earned several high degrees and international certificates including Ph.D. from the University of Salford, in Manchester, UK. Being a “sustainovationalist,” He has received five honorary doctorates from different universities: Atlantic International University (USA), in recognition of his achievements in the socioeconomic fields; Somalia University, for his humanitarian services; American Global International University (USA), for his global business contributions and numerous academic achievements; and Indian Peace University, from which he received a Doctorate in Philosophy for his exceptional contributions, dedication, and social services to society. In November, 2018, H.E Dr. Rashid Alleem has been award with the Honorary Doctorate from the prestigious Amity University Dubai for his profound contribution to the progress in the field of sustainability, Environment and Humanity. The prestigious awards, international certificates and titles received by H.E. Dr. Alleem during his intellectual and professional career reflect the strenuous efforts made by him in various fields. He got the Achievement Award by League of Arab States in 2007, Gold Medal from the Mayor of Cannes in recognition of his environment initiatives, Excellence in Leadership award from Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry in India in 2008 and Middle East Business Leaders Award 2012 as a tribute to his acumen in Training & Human Capital Development.

He has been conferred the Jewels of Muslim World Award 2012 in Jakarta in recognition of his achievements as one of the top nine movers of the Islamic economics and bestowed the honor of Environmentalist of the Year 2012 in Malaysia in recognition of his contributions towards a sustainable environment. Dr. Rashid was recognized as “The Knowledge Ambassador of the UAE” by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum—the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of the Emirate of Dubai.

He was bestowed with the Friend of Singapore Sustainability Award 2017 by the government of Singapore, and he became a member of the advisory board of the Singapore World Water Council. He has received the prestigious title of “The Ambassador of Peace & Happiness in the Arab World” by Voice of Kerala (VOK) Radio Station Dr. Alleem was recently recognized as The Global Green Ambassador by DMG. Under his leadership, SEWA received the Voluntary Cancellation Certificate for excellence in energy-saving and the reduction of CO2 emissions by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2017.
Thanks to his visionary leadership, SEWA has been also crowned with 2018 ME Award of Excellence in Customer Service and Sharjah Voluntary Award.
As a highly sought-after keynote speaker, presenter, and teacher, H.E. Dr. Alleem is well-known for delivering compelling and practical messages to audiences of more than 100,000 people per annum, including at some of the largest regional and international venues. Last but not least, he is one of the most interviewed and published charismatic media personalities in the region.

A prolific writer both in English and Arabic, H.E. Dr. Rashid Alleem is the author of several books on management and leadership. His newest book, The SEWA Brand Turnaround & Rejuvenation narrates the successful story of his transformations in the organization. Another book, The SEWA Way, showcases 15 winning principles, providing a roadmap for achieving success both on an organizational and a personal scale. Aiming to improve social, economic, and environmental living conditions worldwide and helping to improve the quality of life for hundreds of millions who have not yet seen the benefits of sustainable development and inclusive growth, he has written four books on the topic of sustainability: My Green Journey in Hamriyah; Sustainability: The Fourth Wave of Economy; I Am Committed: 17 Global Goals

The Company

Alleem Knowledge Center

The aim of the Alleem Business Congress is to therefore work with individuals and innovative organizations to improve social, economic and environmental living conditions worldwide thus helping to improve the quality of life for hundreds of millions and make a positive difference in the lives of the less privileged which can be met only by reaping the benefits of sustainable development.

Serving as a platform for benchmarking against the best international practices, Alleem Business Congress is a unique forum where business leaders meet and work together to address survival strategies as well as the economic, social and environmental challenges of sustainable development.

Alleem Business Congress has identified five key areas for deliberations: Leadership & Management, Project Management, Sustainable Development & Inclusive Growth, Marketing & Branding, Water & Energy. The inaugural Sustainable Development was held in early 2009. Since then, four quarterly Congresses focusing on each of the above themes have been held annually wherein business leaders, CEOs, senior management, entrepreneurs and thought leaders from across the globe come together to present their latest best practices and shared learning.



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