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David Haigh

David is the CEO and founder of Brand Finance plc. David qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse in London, graduated from Bristol University with an English degree, and obtained a Post-graduate diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

David has worked in the area of branded business, brand and intangible asset valuation since 1991. He specialised entirely in the field after becoming the Director of Brand Valuation for Interbrand in 1995. David, subsequently, left Interbrand in 1996 to launch Brand Finance.

David has been involved in many projects over the years, and has an extensive clients list which includes notable names such as: Shell, Vodafone, BT, Orange, SABMiller and Barclays.

David is a passionate writer and has written many articles for the marketing and financial press on branded businesses and brand valuation and is the author of numerous publications, such as: The Financial Times, The Times, Accountancy Age, and Investors Chronicles. He has also lectured on the topic of brand valuation for Harvard, Chicago, and London Business Schools.

The Company

Brand Finance

Brand Finance is the world’s leading independent branded business valuation and strategy consultancy. Headquartered in the Brand Exchange, a refurbished listed building in the City of London, we are present in over 20 locations worldwide.

Brand Finance is a specialist consultancy dedicated to the better understanding of marketing finances, offering a highly professional approach to marketing accountability and brand evaluation. Brand Finance has developed transparent and accessible brand evaluation methodologies grounded in marketing and investment practice.

For more than 20 years we have helped companies to connect their brands to the bottom line, building robust business cases for brand decisions, strategies and investments. In so doing, we have helped finance people to evaluate marketing programmes and marketing people to present their case in the Board Room.

We have worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, from blue-chip internationals such as Vodafone and Shell, to small iconic brands such as Asprey and Ministry of Sound. We also work with tax authorities, IP lawyers and private equity firms.

In 2004, we established the Brand Finance Institute, which runs seminars and lectures to promote best practice on brand valuation and evaluation. Brand Finance Forums are also organised worldwide each year as a knowledge sharing platform and showcase of best practice for clients.

Every year Brand Finance values over 3,500 brands – across all sectors and geographies. The results are tabulated and published in the media, with partners such as The Banker, to raise awareness of brands as valuable business assets, which must be managed and invested in. Other Brand Finance studies include the Nation Brands 100, the Football 100 and the Global Intangible Finance Tracker (GIFT).



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