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Colin Mangham

An international brand builder and thought leader, Colin Mangham has guided the success of dozens of Fortune 500 and other global brands as well as many nonprofits and NGOs. His strategies and communications have contributed to the generation of over USD 500 million in revenues and over USD 75 million in venture capital.

Prominent clients have included Procter & Gamble, Boeing, Ford, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Amgen, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, US Environmental Protection Agency, Warner Bros., Disney, Live Earth (Al Gore), US National Park Service, Lockheed Martin, New York Yankees, FOX, World Wildlife Fund, and the United Nations.

Colin has also advised over 100 early-stage companies. Through BioLogical, his branding and sustainability practice, he is incubating and accelerating several startups (two energy sector), all of which are leveraging natural and applied science for social and environmental impact.

Colin’s popular TEDx talk highlights his insights as one of the world’s leading advocates of innovation inspired by nature. He has served as the Chief Marketing Officer of both Biomimicry 3.8 and the Biomimicry Institute, and is the Founder of Biomimicry LA.

With an MBA from the University of Liverpool, Colin serves as an advisor to UCLA’s Institute for Food, Energy and Water Systems, and is a leadership team member of the International Living Future Institute’s LA Collaborative. He was honored to speak about conservation at the US Capitol last year and was recently featured as a sustainability expert in CNN’s “Going Green” series.

The Company

Biomimicry LA

We are a professional collaborative within a network of networks (Biomimicry Institute nourished regional networks worldwide). Our local network is open to the general public. The purpose is to increase awareness and knowledge of biomimicry and connect like-minded individuals in our communities.

Our professional collaborative operates, in the Hollywood parlance, a bit like a talent agency in how we convene our members to share knowledge as well as assemble teams to develop solutions. We have some amazingly skilled, talented and accomplished members who work in solo or in tandem to:

• Megaphone the wow factor of biomimicry to new audiences
• Conduct workshops for and with professionals and educators ranging from curious laypersons to well-attuned experts
• Work with local corporations and non-profit organizations to infuse biomimicry and its methodologies into innovation and education efforts
• Apply Biomimicry Thinking expertly, rigorously, and collaboratively to community engagement initiatives centered on or significantly involving improving ecological performance
• Brainstorm solutions to most any challenge through the biomimicry lens … and by first and continuously asking “How would nature solve (this)?”

For non-profit initiatives including K-12 education programs and professional training workshops we often work in partnership with the Biomimicry Institute, one of our official fiscal sponsors.



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