CEO of the Danish Multi Utility business EWII

Lars Bonderup Bjørn

Lars Bonderup Bjørn, MA, PhD, is CEO of the Danish Multi Utility business EWII. He joined EWII on 1 January 2018 with a particular assignment of taking EWII out of troubled waters after a scandal that hit the Danish energy sector during 2017. Lars will be sharing his thoughts and actions on communicating in an environment of mistrust.

The Company


The EWII Group is the Triangle Region’s local energy company comprising commercial companies under EWII A/S and utility companies under TREFOR Infrastruktur A/S. The Triangle Region includes the cities Vejle, Kolding, Fredericia, Middelfart and Vejen.

A multipurpose utility
Each day, we do our best to ensure power in every home, heating in every radiator, clean tap water and efficient fibre network. As a multipurpose utility company, we believe it is our responsibility that everything people take for granted works.

Take utility for granted
We take good care of our shared infrastructure and with due care, we ensure that our customers can take electricity, water, heating and fibre network for granted every day.

We navigate a complex and technically demanding world, and we therefore consider it our primary purpose to provide excellent service to our customers with a high level of professionalism and personal attentiveness. We lay the foundation for a comfortable life.

Set the future
The EWII Group helps shape the future of the energy industry and plays a central role in the development of the intelligent solutions and sustainable energy technologies of the future. We will create tomorrow’s society through energy. We make responsible and visionary investments in the development of our society.



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