Director - Stuart McBain Ltd.

Stuart will attempt to drive the ring-road around Iceland in an electric car accompanied by his 81 year old mother and his friend Mark Gorecki. The ring road, or Highway 1, is only 1332 km long but there are many challenges for an electric vehicle. For one, there is no network or infrastructure of charge points and another is the number of mountains they will need to drive up along the way. Stuart claims that he does not know the term Range Anxiety which is good since there are often more than 100 kilometers between villages along the way and a portion of the trip takes them through the deserted martian landscape of the Icelandic highlands with an elevation of 600 meters above sea level and not a farm, village or survival shelter in sight for 170 kilometers. If the ring road is not too much of a challenge for them, they might go off the ring road to visit a village or two in a remote fjord.

If Stuart makes it back in time he will give a presentation at CHARGE and share his adventure as well as talk about his passion for sustainability and electric vehicles.

Stuart is a certified accountant with direct ties to energy branding in his field by only taking on clients that focus on sustainability. He and Mark have already cruised around the UK  and are planning a road trip on electric cars along the equator.

Who is Stuart McBain?

“Good question! The normal answer to that is to describe that which you do in your life, and therefore I am an accountant by trade. One of the things that I feel passionate about and driven to do is to ensure that the resources of the earth are being used in their best possible way. I’m fascinated how different people, and businesses interpret words like truth, transformation and sustainability.

Sustainability should be about a reduction in extracting resources from the earth to create products to then at the end of life simply discarded as waste in a form that cannot be reused. Eventually you are going to run out of resources, as in a linear existence, because taking things in a straight line. For me, it is more beneficial to have a circular approach designed in from the start to avoid end of life waste. At the moment vehicles are powered by hydrocarbons which is an energy store such as coal, oil gas etc, it is then burnt with waste created as carbon and other unwanted emissions. I would much rather see a circular situation where our energy comes from the sun or wind that avoids much of the waste of fossil fuels, and gives us at least 5 billion years of usable energy resource.”