Strategy Director - Siegel+Gale

From translating consumer and business insights into compelling brand and communication strategies, Rana brings a real-world perspective to the creative solutions she develops for clients. Rana has a wealth of experience specifically in the energy sector but also in place branding too. From re-establishing esteem in the Bahraini energy market, shaping brands for a sustainable future to enhancing the reputation of London oversees, Rana leads some of Siegel+Gale key client engagements with a view to transforming their business with simplicity.

Working with brands to help rediscover and redefine their unique stories, shedding negative outdated perceptions and positioning as progressive and positive forces for countries. Outside of energy, Rana has worked with London & partners to help continue the Olympic games story, a platform for the promotion of the Capital to international audiences and the cultivation of new strategic brand partners for the city in sectors relevant to education, tourism and inward investment. In her eyes, a successful brand is one that is both built on and informs business, inspires people to be at their best and delivers true, tangible impact. Over her career Rana has helped advance the brands of such companies as American Express, Bapco, British Airways, McLaren, Universal Music, UEFA, Gulf Oil and World Health Organization.