EVP - Fortum

One of the largest Nordic power companies, Fortum is also one of the most customer centric and leads the way in adopting new solutions to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Mr. Per Langer is Executive Vice President and head of the City Solutions division, as well as responsible for Technology New Ventures at Fortum Corporation, a leading Nordic energy company. Per Langer’s Division Head responsibilities includes all global heating and cooling business and the Technology and New Ventures encompasses traditional corporate and university co-operation as well as running internal start-up businesses and investments in technology funds and external start-ups.

During his time of senior management Mr. Langer has been largely responsible for driving strategic change towards the vision that Fortum labels “The Solar Economy”, an end state where all energy is produced by renewables, and where societies are interconnected via smart appliances and smart distribution grids. As a strong believer in the value of flexibility, Mr. Langer has been pushing for new business models and investments better suited to deal with the energy system of tomorrow, including smart energy, climate change and IoT. During the last decade Per Langer has held senior management positions in Fortum including earlier responsibility as Head of Portfolio Management and Trading, EVP Heat division and EVP Hydro Power & Technology Mr. Langer holds degrees of Bachelor of Science in Energy Engineering from the University of Västerås and Master of Science in Economics from the University of Karlstad.