Snr. Mgr. Corporate Communications - TenneT

Virtual Vision is TenneT’s new image-building communication approach as a response to the changing energy landscape and the challenging new communication requirements for a leading European energy player. Virtual Vision Berlin is the pilot project that brings this communication approach to life in a high-end three-dimensional mixed-reality showroom experience.

It communicates TenneT’s work as a cross-border Transmission System Operator and its frontrunning role within the German energy transition as well as future megatrends and exciting new developments within the world of energy in a new and holistic way.
Virtual Vision follows TenneT’s communication principles “From monologue to dialogue” and “From complexity to simplicity”. It is a unique mixed reality “Brand Experience” both in the real and in the digital world. It combines multi-media experiences and state-of-the-art technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality to bring complex issues and subjects to the public in understandable language.

TenneT crosses borders and connects countries with around 22,000 kilometres of high-voltage lines. TenneT ranks among Europe’s top five TSOs and works closely with governments, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs), suppliers and investors all over the world.