Co-Chairman - E Source

Serving 80% of the top utilities in the US & Canada, E Source is a Boulder-based research, advisory, and consultancy focused on the retail side of the utility industry (originally founded by Amory Lovins and the Rocky Mountain Institute).

Kenneth Black has been at E Source since 2001 and previously held the role of president.  As co-chairman of E Source focused on utility strategic thought leadership, executive customer relations, consulting, driving utility innovation, and industry conference presentations.

Ken has worked in the electric and gas utility industry for over 30 years and has extensive knowledge in the areas of marketing, Demand Side Management (DSM), market research, customer care, business and economic development, account management, and energy services.

Ken has hands-on experience managing utility DSM and marketing departments.  He has worked on both sides of the utility customer meter including auditing facilities as well as designing programs and launching new value add products and services for utilities and energy service companies (ESCOs).  He leads the company’s research into new utility customer strategy and business models.  He has written numerous articles and reports and presented at numerous conferences.

In addition to utilities, Ken worked closely with energy and facility managers from Fortune 500 companies.  He has deep expertise in the energy needs, energy profiles, and technologies for the large commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors, and has consulted with national companies in energy management and procurement strategies.

Before joining E Source, Ken was a founding partner of Public Energy Services LLC, an energy management and consulting group, where he helped utilities develop energy services businesses as well as manage sales and delivery capabilities for energy services. He has also served as director of marketing and business development for Entergy Integrated Solutions Inc. and as manager of marketing for PECO (now Exelon). An active member of industry committees and associations, Ken has a BA in biology and an MBA in marketing from Temple University.