Founder & CEO - THE FCTR E

THE FCTR E offers European homeowners a smart way to turn their homes into an e-home. An all electric and energy generating home that is ready for the future using the best renewable energy products. Homeowners can now invest their current energy bill into their new e-home and as result increase their property value. The new luxury of an e-home as modern lifestyle, THE FCTR E makes it happen.

Prior to funding Perpetual Energy, Mr Jonker served as CEO & founder of company Quby which provides smart home energy technology to consumers. Mr Jonker grew the company to European market leadership in ten years. The main product “Toon” is exclusively distributed via energy utilities (Engie, Eneco, Viesgo and others) and will be used daily in more than 1 million homes by 2018. Recently Quby was acquired by Dutch progressive utility Eneco.