With extensive experience in brand building in the retail energy space in his management positions at OLÍS (Icelandic Oil Ltd) for the last 23 years. He is responsible for all sales activities of the company, both on the consumer and corporate markets. The company currently operates 70 sales outlets nationwide, offering extensive services. This job is highly demanding with all factors of corporate management being put to the test, for example, sales and marketing, operation and finances. He has furthermore held a seat on OLÍS’ Executive Council for the last 20 years where all the principal focal points in the company’s operation are decided. These years have provided him with extensive and valuable experience in the operation of companies, which he deems as being good foundations for any executive position.

Parallel to his work with OLÍS he has engaged in re-education in order to further strengthen his professional and personal competence. “In the winter of 2006-2007 I studied at the IESE University of Barcelona (business school), taking four 7-day terms, graduating with an AMP Diploma (Advanced Management Program). Additionally, I launched my MBA studies in business administration at the University of Iceland in 2010, earning my degree in February 2012. I earned my second MSc in Business (Change Management and International Business and Marketing) at the University of Iceland in May 2016.”