Head of Global Brand Development - Enel

With more than 10 years’ experience of work in a highly multinational environment, Roman is now leading the Global Brand Development in Enel, creating a brand for a company in the profound transformation. Roman’s key achievement is the recent rebranding of Enel in more than 30 countries, which brought to the creation of a single brand platform for the company to lead the new era of growth by tackling some of the world’s most global challenges.

Enel is an energy company with a global reach that extends over 4 continents from Europe to the Americas, Africa and Asia. Touching the lives of hundreds of millions of people, Enel connects them to reliable and increasingly sustainable energy and keeps striving forward to ensure progress for all.

Roman was born and graduated far in the Urals (Russia), where he started his career in the energy sector with Enel. After two years of working in one of the biggest Russian power plants, Roman moved to Enel’s HQ in Rome to bring his contagious energy inside the Global Communications team. Roman has passion for horse riding and good wine.