Founder, exec. str. Director - Brandhome group

Having researched and executed over 300 brand-change operations worldwide, Erik is the founder and executive strategic director of Brandhome group, a group of companies that makes companies grow faster than their market(s). He specializes in rebranding and renaming operations and is also an expert on brand management and M&A and IPO strategies, and draws on a strong operational background when putting these strategies into practice.

He has a solid track record too as an interim manager, performing various roles for a range of international companies and brands.

Erik speaks regularly at conferences and universities worldwide, as well as contributing frequently to specialist sector media. He has written over 10 books on branding and he sits on the board of Unbox (B), CQ (US), Stackin (US) and Breed (US)

He holds a degree in Marketing Economics from the Antwerp University, Belgium.

Erik Saelens is a Belgian citizen, currently residing in Antwerp, Belgium and currently commutes between the Middle East, Europe and USA.