Minister for the Environment & Natural Resources

Björt Ólafsdóttir took office as Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources on January 11 2017. She has been a member of Parliament since 2013 for the Bright Future party and was the chairman of the parliamentary group of Bright Future 2016 – 2017.

Mrs. Ólafsdóttir was born on the farm Torfastaðir in Southern Iceland on March 2 1983. She and her husband Birgir Viðarsson have three children.

Mrs. Ólafsdóttir finished a bachelor’s degree in psychology and gender studies from the University of Iceland in 2007. A year later she finished a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from Lund University in Sweden.

From 1997 to 2004 Mrs. Ólafsdóttir worked as a treatment therapist at the Torfastaðir treatment center, and as an assistant and a project manager at the psychiatric wards of the National University Hospital of Iceland besides her studies in 2006 – 2009. She worked with business development and human resource management at Vinun consultant and service center in 2010 – 2011 and as a human resource and managing consultant at Capacent management consulting firm 2011 – 2013. During that period she also served as the chairman of the Icelandic Mental Health Alliance.

In her work for the Parliament Mrs. Ólafsdóttir has been a member of the Economic Affairs and Trade Committee, the Credentials Committee, the Industrial Affairs Committee and the Welfare Committee.