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Sunday, Monday and Tuesday


We have opened up the CHARGE Lounge right across the street from Harpa, Top Floor in Ský – Restaurant and Bar. Meet other guests over drinks or light meals on Sunday or when you are waiting for buses to leave from Harpa to the CHARGE Awards or head there after the Renewable Reykjavík Excursion.

Spectacular view over downtown Reykjavík and the bay and special offers on drinks for CHARGE attendees, including the CHARGE 2019 cocktail. The kitchen is open until 22:00 and the bar is open until midnight.

Location: Ingólfsstræti 1, Centerhotel Arnarhvoll, 101 Reykjavík



Awards Ceremonial dinner

The CHARGE Awards will be handed out to World’s Best Energy Brands on the evening of the 30th of September. Participants at CHARGE 2019 will head out to Ingólfsskáli Viking Restaurant for the ceremony, taking in the breathtaking views of the outskirts of Reykjavík.

Buses will depart from Harpa at 18:00 on Monday and will return around 23:00.


Excursion: Renewable Reykjavík

To conclude this year’s CHARGE Energy Branding we will take a look around sites in Reykjavík that are monuments to the energy transition that began almost 100 years ago. We will explore different sites related to renewable energy in the past century and the energy transition that is ongoing in transport.

The tour will end with sightseeing around the Elliðaár hydro plant which powered the first lightbulbs in Reykjavík 98 years ago. The plant harnesses the power of the Elliðaár river which happens to be one of few (if not the only) salmon river in the world that runs within a capital. The river runs down Elliðaár Valley which has become an outdoors activity gem, nestled between two of Reykjavík’s suburbs. After the sightseeing around the plant, we will walk (if the weather allows) to a reception hosted by Reykjavík Energy.

Departure from Harpa at 16:30 on October 1st and return to Harpa around 20:00. We will be heading for the CHARGE Lounge afterwards.

Tuesday evening

The Official unofficial Afterparty

Each year there has been an unofficial afterparty organized in the heat of the moment when participants have wanted to prolong the last minutes of CHARGE. This year, there will be an official unofficial afterparty, held at Gaukurinn, a historic Reykjavík establishment which brings you an organically authentic local experience. If you want to end your experience like a local, party ’till late and depart on an early flight. Party begins at 22:00.

Location: Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavík


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