Green is the new brown – how to differentiate it further?

The first steps taken towards branding in the energy sector was by portraying the source of energy as green. Though this was a powerful differentiation point over 20 years ago, green has become the new brown. While the green source of energy has become commonplace, some companies are going further than using a new color scheme and incorporating green and sustainable values into their brand DNA with great success. Other companies outside the energy space have been incorporating efficient use of energy to create more brand value.

Boosting consumers’ understanding of green electricity and recognized branding strategies to increase green electricity usage. Both energy companies engaged in selling green electricity products to household consumers, and policy makers wanting to stimulate green electricity product usage share the need to understand green electricity buyers. Promoting green electricity requires an in-depth understanding of the energy consumers’ perceptions and a realization that consumers perceive the concept ‘green’ quite differently from traditional definitions. For example skepticism towards green electricity is common among the average consumer and this complicates energy companies’ marketing and branding strategies. Such hampering factors to branding will be discussed along with identified success factors.