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LarsEn Energy Branding

The Conference Organiser

The conference is organised by LarsEn Energy Branding, a consultancy company focusing primarily on guiding utilities becoming brands. The conference is international but situated between North America and Europe, the two markets liberalisation and deregulation has been implemented the most the most in the last 20 years. We are reaching out to create a dialogue between the utilities and the branding sector.

Building on the success of the conference in September 2018, we will RECHARGE in 2019. The energy space is at crossroads of new technology and liberalization. This is leading to increased competition in the market where success is determined by how efficient incumbent utilities and challengers will be in communicating their visions to consumers.

The Company

Larsen Energy Branding was founded on our wish to use our expertise on the branding and marketing functions in the electricity industry to consult electricity retailers – you! We have worked with both private companies, national power companies and governments offering a variety of customised energy branding services. We can be commissioned to work directly with the board of directors, upper management, or with an independent branding institution or an ad agency responsible for the existing energy branding process.



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Dr. Fridrik Larsen – the Conference Chairman

Dr. Fridrik Larsen is the CEO and owner of LarsEn Energy Branding. He is the first person in the world to present a PhD dissertation on the subject of energy branding. He is an internationally highly sought speaker on energy branding. He has studied in the United States, England, Denmark, Austria and Iceland and holds degrees in finance, economics, marketing, international business and psychology as well as completing his Ph.D prior to founding LarsEn Energy Branding.